Connect with Brokers – Close with Confidence

Our network was built and designed to connect brokers on both sides of the 1031 Exchange process. Since most 1031 Exchanges happen through off-market properties and word of mouth, we aim to bring those opportunities online and straight to your inbox.

How does it work?

See how 1031Platform connects brokers on both sides of a 1031 Exchange transaction.


Submit Existing Property

A property owner or the broker representing the property owner will submit the property on



A 1031 real estate professional from Platform Ventures will consult with the owner and/or broker to qualify the property and ensure they are ready to transact.



A broadcast notification is sent to all subscribed brokers notifying them of a qualified 1031 exchange property owner who needs to find a replacement property along with all of the requirements.

All you need is your email address to join the 1031Platform Broker Network